Sunday, November 21, 2010

Business Network Versus Social Network

There is a big problem when it comes to doing business online.
Every day another opportunity, another choice.....What do you do?
The problem with Internet marketing is the mind-boggling scope of all the programs and choices for putting a small home business into a global market. It can be like throwing a lamb into a lion's den. Many people lose their way just from the overwhelming number of choices available for finding effective online sales training.
As Todd Oldfield, a friend of mine, says, "Chase one rabbit at a time! If you attempt to chase two rabbits at the same time you will not capture any!"
So are there any best social networking sites for business?
Or is a first-rate business marketing platform the best choice?
Social networks are the buzz of the Internet. Ask anyone about the best social networking sites for business and they will say either Facebook or Google. But are they the best for your business?
Google and Facebook are currently in a sparring contest to see who can come out on top. While hundreds of smaller social networks scramble for a piece of the social networking pie. Does this work for your business?
First of all, let's take a look at a business network. LinkedIn differentiates itself as one of the best business networking sites for businesses and professions. In fact, you would not join LinkedIn solely for socializing like you do social networks. LinkedIn has a free membership, as well as more features available with a paid membership. The paid memberships start at $29.95 per month and go up to $75.95 per month.
The paid memberships give you the ability to see more profiles, send messages to anyone on LinkedIn, find out who has viewed your profile, and see expanded profiles on anyone in LinkedIn.
You will still need to add other sites to round out your business platform. You will need a place to hold meetings, to host events, develop a business forum, and do video marketing.
What does Facebook have to offer the business person?
The recent changes to Facebook have made it more business friendly. Facebook is a good place to build relationships, find like-minded people, and join business groups. Facebook engages over a million people and is therefore a great place for finding customers and business associates.
Google offers similar features plus a "hang-out" room where you can meet up to ten people at a time. Also with Google you can create several email accounts and use each one for a different purpose.
In the offline world when you take a break from the office you head down to the local coffee shop and strike up conversations. Or you use the coffee shop to meet clients and discuss a business proposal. Well Facebook, for the online business person, is like the coffee shop. It is a place to increase your circle of friends and build trusting relationships.
What if you could take breaks at the coffee shop and then consolidate all your business sites into one online business community? This business community would be your office dedicated to doing business.
It would be a first-rate business marketing platform where you have everything you need at your finger tips. A global online business network that offers such things as:
  • Event hosting and scheduling
  • Meeting rooms for small and large groups
  • One on one chat rooms
  • Video conferencing
  • Video email
  • Business specific forums
  • Personal and business profiles
  • Internal networking like LinkedIn

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