Monday, January 24, 2011

Becoming a Business Network Celebrity

When you get into business networking, your life will change. Your inner celebrity will begin to emerge. When you change peoples' lives you will start to impact your community. YOU will get to be KNOWN. Having top of mind awareness in the community will not only bring you money in your business, it will elevate you to being a celebrity in your community and you will have to have the standards. Follow these simple rules and bring out the celebrity in you.
1. LIVE WITH INTEGRITY: When you were a child, do you remember your parents, teachers or peers say, "DO what is Right!" In life, it's all about making a CHOICE and using Integrity above all else. When doing what is RIGHT, it's not always comfortable and at times you might feel like you are on a path less traveled or unpopular. Integrity is about "Who You Are" and "What You are All About" and "What Your Values Stand For".
2. DON'T BLAME OTHERS: We all have WOES. It's easy to blame others for our woes. It's a CHOICE to make the DECISION to own your life and own your own woes. Being a Business Network Celebrity, you will have the choice to let the World affect you or go out into the World and affect others in a positive way!
3. BE AUTHENTIC: Come from the HEART. Give up pretending to be somebody that you are not. Express yourself, be courageous and don't be afraid to show the world "Who You Are and How Special and Unique You Really Are". When we pretend, we keep others from meeting the "REAL YOU". Be okay to open your heart fully and allow yourself to experience pain as well as joy.
4. MAKE CHANGES: If you always DO what you have always done, you will always get what you always got! In other words, nothing changes, if nothing changes. Let go of FEAR and take a Risk to make the changes needed in your life and business.
5. EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAS A PURPOSE: I found that by recognizing and having Faith in the Lord, I TRUST that HE is in control of my life and my circumstances and HE has given me everything I need to take on the Challenges that life presents to me at every moment. I want the BEST for all of the people that I meet. I know that by Letting Go and Letting God, giving up resisting what you can't control and just allowing yourself to go with the flow of life, rather than against it, will allow you to live in the present moment with JOY - whatever it brings your way!
With these tips and putting them into practice you will get your inner personal celebrity to come out. Being a Business Networking Celebrity will change not only your life, but all of those whom you come in contact with. I write these thoughts to help you gain the Relationships necessary to be Successful in both your Personal and Business Life.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Business - Network Marketing

Let's take a look at how things used to work... You are on your way to the homes of friends or family and find yourself knocking on the door. Who's There? The outdated marketer attempting to convince you to sign with my business is at the door. Won't you please, please sign up? It's a dandy opportunity and the advantages are amazing! I simply know you'll love it and you'd be perfect for it - it's totally what you need! Please do this favor and take a look at the info on my company. I simply know you'll agree with me that there's nothing else like it out there today. Are you ready to get started? Sign here, please.
Sound like something you've been through? Regrettably and unhappily, we have all been there, haven't we? We have been ostracized by neighbors, friends, even the letter carrier runs past the house in order to avoid you answering the door for fear of hearing about your home business. This is dinosaur marketing. That's what we were instructed. Everybody is a candidate for your business or products. That is not always true nowadays.
Thank goodness, things have evolved and marketing for your home business has evolved also. No longer is it essential to beat individuals up attempting to convince them to sign up with your opportunity. Reality is, every opportunity out there is unique and everybody has something special. But how do you pull in the individuals to you that truly want what you have?
Get them to come to you to find out about your home business. That's correct. Get individuals to come to you by branding yourself as somebody exceptional. People want somebody who's well-educated in their field. They also want somebody who's seen as a leader. Somebody they prefer to do business with and not somebody who they would like to run away from when they come along. We must utilize attraction marketing. We've heard the term many times recently (unless you've been on a deserted island) but not everybody is quite up to speed on what it is and how it goes.
Essentially, attraction marketing has the following elements:
• Draw in candidates to you
• Build a Relationship with your candidates with your net content
• Pre-sell with your content - Give 1st, Take 2nd
• Constitute trust and place yourself as an authority with branding
This is the fresh prototype when it comes to selling in today's market. No longer do you have to go after candidates, hoping they'll join your home business or opportunity. It's constructing a warm market on the web. The goal is to generate attraction between us and our prospects by supplying value based info. People need and require info that they can utilize in the marketplace. Info that will help boost their business or their brainpower about home business.
It doesn't matter what you write on, as long as you target your market, supply useful info, and establish a relationship with them by continuing to provide this info on an ongoing foundation. Provide a free e-book, a free newsletter; anything that will get the candidate returning for more as they begin to see you as a leader in your area.
Individuals start to know who you are and trust is finally built because of that familiarity. Relationships take time to grow and this is no different. You need to take the time to work on that relationship on-line as contrary to face to- face but the outcomes can be amazing.
The Net provides the chance to reach the masses with a touch. Outmoded marketing calls for a lot of leg work (literally) to establish these relationships and there's no guarantee that these relationships will be individuals who are targeted for your particular market.

Friday, January 14, 2011

An open letter to the Utah State Legislature

Dear members of the Utah State Legislature,
I was troubled (but not surprised) by a recent blog post by Speaker Lockhart posted regarding the redistricting process and the complaints that have arisen from it.
In essence, she speaks down to the complaints of those who feel that the process has been unfair – emphasizing that the process has been perfectly legal. This, I feel, is a true statement; however her words (and by extension the words of the body) reflect a hubris that many are truly complaining about.
This complaint is nothing new – indeed some form of it has existed since the dawn of civilization. But the degree and duration of such holier than thou attitudes seem to have increased over the past five or so years (certainly it seems this way for as long as I have been following the Legislature). This seemed to have reached its peak with the HB 477 debacle – but, in the eyes of many, both Republican and Democrat, the redistricting process has been some cruel encore presentation.
It appears that the Legislature has, once again, willfully ignored the will of (at the very least) a sizable minority of the people in an effort to maintain political power at the expense of the citizens of the State of Utah.
It is said that politics is dictated by those who show up. And time and time again, from all corners of the state, those who chose to show up to the public meetings regarding redistricting overwhelmingly asked that communities be kept together; that city, county, and regional lines be kept together as much as possible. On top of this we drew maps, joined coalitions, and aired our concerns to you – all in the hopes that you would listen.
But no one was really all that surprised when you attempted to push through a federal map that had been unseen by the public – amended from a basic map that did not conform to the wishes of those who voiced their concerns.  Were we angry? Yes. But in reality we were disappointed.
We were disappointed that you continue to hide behind disingenuous defenses.  For example, it is true that a “community of common interest” is an intangible that can not easily put down, but to quote Justice Stewart “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description ; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it.”
We were disappointed because in one breath legislators say that they should be in charge of the process because they know the state and its citizens, and in the next they seem to say that they cannot see the difference between Salt Lake City and Monticello because the term is too vague.  Having lived in this state my entire life, I can tell you that they have very little in common – yet this concept seems to evade you. Furthermore, having lived in this state, I can tell you that there are four unique regions: Salt Lake Metro, Provo Metro, Ogden Metro, and rural Utah.  Of course each area has its own unique quirks, but it seems bizarre that you can’t even find a general boundary to agree upon.
We were disappointed because you continue to hide behind the argument that an urban/rural mix would ensure that all of the states interested would be represented by all of its representatives.  I would posit this point to you: The Constitution specifically set up the Senate for the task of representing the interests of the state, not the House. Indeed, the House was designed to be as representative of the passing whims of as many varied and different interests of the districts. Representatives were designed to represent the specific interests of specific people – the idea being that the multiple, various, and in many cases opposed, viewpoints would have to debate issues on a national stage.  By spreading a Representative out across various urban/rural districts, you are asking those in Congress to simultaneously vote for a water bill that helps the urban and hurts the rural area of the district, to vote for an urban rail line and not improvements to a country road, to fight for inner city school programs and against country development programs – the list goes on and on.
We are disappointed because you argue that no independent commission is unbiased…yet somehow neglect to mention the fact that you too have very specific biases that enter into the equation. When this is brought up, you state that, because you are elected officials, the voters can ultimately hold you accountable. Two points: First, the bias an independent, bipartisan commission may favor one political party over another, however this bias is reduced by having equal representation on both sides, thereby making it more likely that they will listen to the concerns of the citizenry. The second point is that the legislature still  has ultimate approval of any map; so even if an independent commission did propose a map, you still would vote on it and still be responsible to the voters.
We are disappointed because we know your bias is much more immediate and much more personal. An independent commission could be created and dissolved in relativity short order. You, however, in order to do the business of being a legislator, must make deals to advance your agenda – and to that point, sometimes advancing your agenda means advancing your career. We know you are too close to the process and that you can’t admit that you have a horse in the race beyond representing the people.
And this brings me back to my ultimate point: we are disappointed because you can rightly claim up and down that the process is legal, but we all know that you can not claim that the process is fair. You continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth, thumb your noses at legitimate requests from community members, and act as if you are above the process when we all know you are not.
So, in the end, we are not angry – just disappointed and hurt that you feel you can continue to treat us this way.
You will do what you will do, but you need to know that why we are upset, not why you think we are upset.